Sunday, 3 July 2011

One can't invoke dharma selectively at one's convenience


In the battle of Mahabharata the wheel of Karna's chariot was grounded in the earth. Lord Krishna asked Arjuna to kill Karna immediately. Karna pleaded that it would be against the tenets of dharma to kill him in that situation. Lord Krishna reminded Karna that the tenets of dharma did not came to Karna's mind when Draupadi was offended and humiliated ruthlessly after pandavas lost her in the game of dice. Tenets of dharma did not again came to Karna's mind when armless Abhimanyu was killed. Lord Krishna emphasised that tenets of dharma cannot be used as an escape route and should be practised consistently. After hearing the true meaning of dharma from Lord Krishna, Arjuna killed Karna. The above picture is that of a different event of the battle of Mahabharata. 


If we do comparative evaluation of the lives of Bhishma and Karna we find  that Bhishma supported the unlawful party out of love and his own interpretation of his commitment. Karna supported the wrong side for the personal favors that he received. Though when it comes to giving donations Karna hardly has any equals in the world history. Human life is very complicated and subtle and so becomes everyone's dharma.

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