Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Goswami Tulsidas Ke Dohe 16

If you speak sweet words then you are able to increase your good fortune without any efforts. Similarly if you speak harsh words then you invite your misfortune. A cuckoo sings kuhu-kuhu and is sought after by everyone. A crow makes kav-kav sound and people drive it away by pelting stones.

If we dont utter some words our stomach does not swell. Similarly if we speak a lot a mountain of words is not formed. Therefore always speak appropriate after having regard to the time, the trend and after listening to the sacred intellect.

Shri Rama-Lakshaman who always favour and benefit the poor emerge victorious even while living in the forest. But Bali and Ravana who did big talks perished in their own homes with all their supporters.

A person who has good intellect knows that good time and bad time wont last for more than two days. Therefore we should act swiftly when the time is good. Otherwise the opportunity will slip out of our hands.

Patience, dharma, power of discrimination, good literature, courage and firmness in truth (confidence in Lord Rama) these are our friends of bad times.

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