Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Goswami Tulsidas Ke Dohe 19

On that day when your own people will desert you, you cannot look at anybody for help. When the water deserts a lotus, the sun who is otherwise a friend of lotus becomes its enemy and burns it.

On the earth, in the sky and inside the water animals and birds live with each other in groups. We should learn from them.

Persons who always carry teachings of their Mother, Father and Master on their heads and abide by the same, live a successful life. Otherwise life is wasted.

Grass on the banks of water is very humble. At times when the giant trees on the banks of the river are uprooted, the humble grass remain intact.

In this kaliyuga all persons discuss about the knowledge of spirit. These very same persons then kill their Guru for a single paisa. Then they say 'Who kills?' 'Who is Killed?' 'The spirit is eternal'.


A person while walking hits a stone and receives injury. He cannot do anything to the stone therefore he goes to his home and tears cushions in his home to pieces. In this Kaliyuga foolish persons like this will born in thousands and put their own people in grave trouble for their misdeeds outside their home.

In the rainy season the cuckoo keeps quiet because it thinks that now it is a time for frogs to make ugly sounds. Similarly in the bad times the bad people are at the top and the good people keep quiet.   

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  1. Tulsidas had been a great legend in Indian History. His Dohe will be remembered always.