Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Goswami Tulsidas Ke Dohe 12

You may pass through a heavy downpour and still manage to remain dry. But you cannot remain safe from the bad words of the wicked.

A person who always have animosity with others, who have liking for other's wife, other's money and who keep on cursing others such a sinful person is really a demon in human body.

How can we know from a person's appearance and speech that he has a malicious mind. Shurpanakha, Putana, Ravana are examples of this fact.

Some persons appear to be very gentle while smiling, while meeting with others, while talking to others but have a malicious mind. He who stays away from such persons is an intelligent person.

Persons whose words, thoughts, actions, bodies and minds are attacked by the ants of malice, how can they become happy after fooling the God residing within them.

People tend to appear like a lion and do work of dogs. And after doing this, they long for fame, victory and riches.

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