Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Goswami Tulsidas Ke Dohe 10

If the ignorant persons throw away the pearl after its examination then the pearl does not lose its value. Lord Krishna wore the garland of gunja leaves but gunja leaves did not gain in their value.

If a person has the habbit of saying good or bad about others without verifying the facts and if such person meets you then you should ignore his remarks.

A persons good fortune runs away from his fortune if he is jealous of others happiness and wealth.

The persons who want to earn fame by destroying the fame of others will get a black layer on their face. They wont be able to remove this black layer even if they die while removing it.

Strong body, good qualities, sufficient wealth, greatness and faith in dharma. A person who does not have any of these but possesses ego, his life is meaningless and he cannot get anything good even after his death.

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