Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Goswami Tulsidas Ke Dohe 5

What is that which a fire cannot burn? What is that which cannot submerse in the sea? What is that which a woman who is considered as weak cannot do after her empowerment? And what is that which cannot be affected by the passing of time.

He who breaches others, turns his back to Shri Rama and takes pleasure in sensual happiness, can such a person acquire wealth, peace of mind and other good signs even in his dream.

A very horrible snake with two tongues, black skin and zig-zag unpredictable movements will offer itself to you on speaking sweet words that soothes its ego.

Animosity and love makes a person blind. We cannot see any virtue in the person against whom we have animosity. Similarly we cannot see any vice in the person whom we love. What is the value of the water of river ganga to the person who drinks wine.

As long as we have interest in something that thing appears sacred and beneficial. If that thing is of no use then it appears without any virtue and like an enemy. A tooth in mouth is like a pearl. If it breaks and falls on ground it is a piece of bone.

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