Monday, 4 July 2011

Goswami Tulsidas Ke Dohe 1

Lord Rama's name is a unit. Our means is a zero. If there is unit before zero then it is ten otherwise it is zero.

Lord Rama is the master of monkeys. He sits beneath the tree and the monkeys sit on the branches of the tree. Still he does not mind it and the monkeys are dear to him. Have you ever heard of any lord who is so much compassionate and forgiving?

When trees are green, animals graze. When trees bear fruits people raise their hands and eat fruits. When trees become dry people burn them as fuel. Like this everone will come to you for his own interest. If Lord Rama comes to you it is for enabling you to discover yourself.

Offending Shri Krishna results in calling of troubles. Duryodhana who was enjoying his kingdom offended Shri Krishna. As a result thereof he perished along with his army and family.

When the sun is away the size of our shadow is very long. The shadow comes under our feet when the sun is at the top. Like this illusion increases if we are away from the path shown by Lord Rama and it decreases when we adhere to his path.

If Lord Rama becomes adverse then obtaining fuel in the dense forest wont be possible, obtaining water in sea wont be possible and it wont be possible for Kubera to get food to eat.

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