Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Goswami Tulsidas Ke Dohe 13

People are at the forefront while commiting major sins. But they are averse to doing minor sins. For their aversion to minor sins they demand happiness from God. As they cannot become happy they blame it on the God.

People who are not concerned about country, time, doer, deed and speech, they remain poor even while living under the Kalpavruksha tree and sinful while living on the banks of River Ganga.

In the court of Duryodhana the likes of Shakuni are considered as intelligent and appreciable. Persons like Mahatma Vidur, Pitamaha Bhishma, Lord Krishna and Guru Drona are considered as ordinary persons.  

In the court of Pandavas even after knowing that Pitamaha Bhishma and Guru Drona belong to the enemy's side, they were revered as God Shiva and God Vishnu. This is the difference of culture.

He who does not listen to the friends who have a strong desire to benefit him, to the Guru and to the Master hurts himself and feels remorseful for doing so.

If the drama artists go to the battlefield after hearing to the sweet and appreciating words of persons praising them, then as a result of this either they will run away from the battlefield or they will be imprisoned.

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