Monday, 18 July 2011

Rahim Ke Dohe 2

Bigri Baat Bane Naheen
Laakh Karo Kin Koye
Rahiman Phate Doodh Ko
Mathe Na Makhan Hoye
If a task is not done well then it is very difficult to accomplish its results. Once milk is spoiled, one wont get butter by stirring it.
Rahiman Jivha Bawari
Kahige Sarag Patal
Aapu To Bhitar Rahya
Jooti Khaye Kapal
A tongue speaks bitter words and remains protected inside. The beating is suffered by the head.
Jo Vishaya Santan Taji,
Mudh Tahi Laptaat |
Jo Nar Daarat Vaman Kar,
Svan Swad So Khat ||
A person of vision does not take any pleasure in sensual appeasement. A foolish person is always engaged in sensual appeasement. A man vomits the stuff that he does not like. A dog eats the same stuff with a great liking.
Dhan Dara Aru Sutan Me,
Rahat Lagaye Chitta |
Kyon Rahim Khojat Nahi
Gadhe Din Ko Meet ||
So much of attachment with wealth, wife and children. Why not look for the friend who will accompany in dark days.
Gahi Sarnagati Ram Ki,
Bhavsagar Ki Naav |
Rahiman Jagat Udharkar,
Aur Na Kachhu Upav ||
Take refuge in the noble qualities personified by Lord Rama. This is your boat to sail through the ocean of wordly troubles. There is no other way for that.
Rahiman Kou Ka Karai,
Jwari Chor Labaar |
Jo Pat Rakhanhaar Hai,
Makhan Chakhan Haar ||
Rahim says that we need not worry about the petty thiefs around us. Let us understand that we are protected by the one who is the thief of butter. Here butter is the symbol of extraction and purity.
Bade Deen Ko Dukh Sune,
Let Daya Ur Aani |
Hari Haathi So Kab Huti,
Kahu Rahim Pahichani ||
All cause of wordly worries can come to an end if the ultimate truth can be seen.
Rahiman Manhi Lagayke,
Dekhi Lahu Kin Koye |
Nar Ko Bas Karbo Kaha,
Narayan Bas Hoye
Only the pure and peaceful mind can see the truth.
Jihi Rahim Chitta Aapno,
Kinho Chatur Chakora |
Nisibaasar Lago Rahe,
Krushnachandra Ki Ore ||
As the Chakora Bird always looks at the Cloud in the hope of a raindrop, let our mind be pure and peaceful always.
Pritam Chhabi Nayanan Basi,
Par Chhabi Kahan Samaya |
Bhari Saray Rahim Lakhi,
Pathik Aapu Phiri Jaaye ||
One should always have a peaceful and pure mind. The impurities should not have any scope for entering into it.

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  1. Rahim had been a great legend in Indian History. His Dohe will be remembered always.