Friday, 15 July 2011

Kabir Ke Dohe 2 - Let us remember Kabir on the auspicious occasion of Guru Pournima.

Of what use your bigness is? You have grown tall like a Khajur (dates) tree. No shelter is provided to the passers-by and the fruits are out of everyone's reach.

A person who has read lot of books is not intelligent. A person who can understand others is intelligent.

Do not ask the caste of an intelligent person. Listen to what he says. The sword is of use and not the case where it is kept.

If I could reach Shri Hari by worshiping a stone then I will worship a mount. The stone in the form of a flour mill seems more valuable to me as it helps people feed.

Got constructed a mosque by putting together stones. Why the mulla is shouting at the top of his voice inside the mosque? Whether his khuda has become deaf?

A rosary (jap mala) is rotating in the hand and tongue swings in the mouth. But if the mind is moving in all the four directions then this is not a meditation of God.

It has been a long time since rosary is rotating in the hand but the rotation of the mind also continues. So one should rather control the bead of mind instead of the bead of rosary.

The rosary in the hand wants you to understand that instead of controlling it, the mind should be controlled.

When there was ego I could not see Shri Hari. Now when there is no ego, Shri Hari is visible. The light that I saw has dispelled all darkness.

So many rituals have been performed but Shri Ram could not be attained. What the name of Lord Rama can do when the mind is busy doing everything else.


  1. ऐसी वाणी बोलिये, मन का आपा खोये,
    अपना तन शीतल करे, औरन को सुख होये.
    Kabir Das ji ke Dohe agar hum apne jeevan mein istemaal karein to wo bahut hi fayademand saabit ho sakte hein.

  2. kabir hi khuda hai khuda hi peer hai peer hi kabir hai.