Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Goswami Tulsidas Ke Dohe 14

People are ready to undergo the sufferings for living a life of blind. But they are not ready for the pains of applying medicine to their eyes.

If someone tries to hurt you then you should only protect yourself. Always remember that the great protector Shri Ram is always present on everybody's head. So you should never think of hurting others in retaliation.

Don't underrate acrimony and ignore it. It can have dangerous consequences. Fire breaks in a poor man's hut and the palaces of the rich are destroyed as a consequence.

Our mind should understand clearly the virtue of forgiveness and the vice of anger. Maharishi Bhrugu could not control his anger and hit his leg on God Vishnu's chest. God Vishnu pardoned this act of Maharishi Bhrugu. God Vishnu is the lord of Shri Lakshmi and the whole universe. On the other hand persons applying ash on their body dont get anything after begging.

You may say that Kauravas represent the limit of anger and Pandavas that of forgiveness. Hundred Kauravas could not kill five Pandavas and one Bhima killed hundred Kauravas.  

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